Fire Ants

fire ants, pests

Fire Ants can cause serious medical, agricultural, and property damage.  They can be very aggressive and can sting repeatedly, especially when they are disturbed.  Infestations can reach up to 100 mounds per acre if untreated.  At Georgetown Pest Control we have programs in place to not only control fire ants but prevent them as well.

Carpenter Ants

carpenter ants, pests

Carpenter Ants typically nest in wood that may be moist or decaying.  They can also nest in voids and eventually expand into sound wood.  These ants will chew to remove wood and debri to enlarge their nest.  They can forage alone or in trails for up to 300 feet.

Acrobat Ants

acrobat ants, pests

These ants are easily recognized because their heart-shaped abdomen often bends over their thorax .  These ants can bite, and often trail into homes by way of tree limbs or utility lines.

Odorous House Ants

odorous house ant, pests

These ants can have colonies of up to 100,000 ants.  These ants nest in wall voids and typically enter homes when water and food become scarce.

Crazy Ant

crazy ant, pests

Crazy Ants are noted for their erratic movements.  These ants often appear lost or confused due to their movements.  They often will enter dwellings in the fall or after rain when their main food source honeydew may be reduced.  

Big-Headed Ant

big headed ant, pests

Named because the worker's heads are very large compared to their body.  These ants are avid trailers, and can sometimes be confused for Subterranean Termites because their trails can be covered with soil.