Shine a Light on Your Roach Problem

Shine a Light on Your Roach Problem

Hire us today for roach extermination services in Leander, Georgetown & Cedar Park, TX

Do you live in constant fear of scuttling legs across your floors and walls at night? A full-fledged cockroach invasion is very difficult to control on your own. Speak with local professionals at Georgetown Pest Control for roach extermination services that will give you the upper hand.

Roach control requires a targeted approach to eliminate your pests and keep them away for good. Our team will inspect your home to determine the best course of action. Call 512-966-6293 today to schedule a consultation for roach extermination in Leander, Georgetown & Cedar Park, TX.

How can you identify a roach problem in your home?

While it's easy enough to spot a live roach scurrying across your counter, noticing early warning signs of an infestation could save you lots of time and money. Pay close attention to:

  • Unusual smells-cockroaches produce a lingering, unpleasant odor on surfaces they've contacted.
  • Droppings-search for brown or black cylindrical droppings where water is present.
  • Smear marks-roaches will produce brown smear marks on floors and walls where they've crawled.
  • Shed skins-roaches shed their skins multiple times as they mature. You can find these close to where they seek shelter.

Stay one step ahead of pesky roaches. Contact us today to get started with your roach control services in Leander & Georgetown, TX.