Rats, Mice, and More

Commensal Rodents are those that live in close proximity with humans.  The three species of commensal rodents are The House Mouse, The Norway Rat, and Roof Rats.  These rodents can inhabit homes and other dwellings where they can destroy food and property.  Commensal rodents can cause economic losses, health hazards, and transmit many important human pathogens or disease carrying organisms.  At Georgetown Pest Control we specialize in control and prevention of these common invaders. 


House Mouse

House mouse, rodent

The House Mouse is the most common household rodent.  They can be identified by their small stature, typically weighing 1/2 to 1 ounce as an adult.  They have large ears and a semi-naked tail that is as long as its body and head together.

Norway Rat

Norway rat, rodent, pest

The Norway Rat, also commonly referred to as the house rat, typically ranges in weight from 12 to 16 ounces.  The Norway rat can vary from reddish to grayish brown.  The ears are small and they have a tail that is semi-naked and shorter than the head and body combined.

Roof Rat

Roof rat, rodent, pest

The Roof Rat is also commonly referred to as the black rat.  These rats are smaller and sleeker in size than the Norway Rat typically weighing 5 to 9 ounces as adults.  They are typically grayish black to a solid black with large ears and a long tail.