Bees and Wasps

Paper Wasp

paper wasp, pests

Bees and Wasps can be troubling to encounter.  Paper Wasps are the most common wasps found in Texas, and a common call to Georgetown Pest Control.  They build simple nests with one layer of cells, commonly hanging beneath horizontal surfaces such as eaves, window ledges, or roofs.

Yellow Jacket

yellow jacket, pests

Yellowjackets typically build their nests underground.  They will most often use an abandoned burrow and continue to expand the cavity as the colony develops.

Mud Dauber

mud dauber, pests

The Mud Dauber is commonly a solitary wasp that builds their nest on almost any surface to house their offspring.

Red Wasp

red wasp, pests

Red Wasp have some of the largest nests among wasps.  They tend to build their nests in shaded areas such as eaves or even gaps in roofs.

Honey Bee

honey bee, pests

Honey bees are one of the most recognizable bees.  They serve a huge environmental purpose but will build their hives in cavities in and around homes.

Striped Abdomen Bee

striped abdomen bee, pests

The Striped Abdomen Bee or commonly referred to as a mining bee is a common invader in Texas.  They are among the more active bees and can build their nest in small cracks or crevices around homes.