Wildlife - Raccoons, Opossums, Armadillos, and More


racoon, pest

Raccoons are a common nuisance wildlife found throughout Texas that we specialize in at Georgetown Pest Control.  These opportunistic feeders are very intelligent, and can quickly adapt to living closely with people.  Raccoons can cause considerable damage to attics, roofs, gardens, digging up lawns and transmitting diseases.



Armadillos are common throughout Texas, and are a burrowing animal.  Their diet consists of nearly  all insects which can lead to a lot of damage to lawn and landscape areas. 


opossum, pest

The Opossum is a marsupial that prefers a wet environment.  They eat a wide variety of food and will seek shelter in attics, under homes or decks, garages and sheds.  

Ring Tailed Cat

ring tailed cat, pest

Ringtail cats are found throughout the majority of Texas.  They resemble a fox with raccoon like tail.  These carnivores are unbelievable climbers and will den in attics and other similar dwellings.


skunk, pest

Skunks are very recognizable by both their image and odor.  They will eat grubs, insects, small rodents, fruits and vegetables.  Skunks can be an odorous nuisance and are a primary source of rabies in Texas.


squirrel, pest

There are three common species of squirrel in Central Texas, and can become a nuisance pest.  They will eat nuts, fruits, vegetables, bird seeds and more.  They may nest in attics and cause damage through gnawing.