Is The Local Wildlife Getting Too Close?

Is The Local Wildlife Getting Too Close?

Call us for wildlife removal in Leander, Georgetown, Cedar Park, TX and beyond

In Texas, you can encounter everything from mice to wild hogs on your property. No matter what kind of wildlife removal you need, Georgetown Pest Control can take care of it. We'll locate, trap and remove a single critter or its whole family. Afterward, we'll also clean and sterilize the area for your peace of mind.

If you live in the Leander, Georgetown & Cedar Park, TX area, call 512-966-6293 for wildlife removal. We can also safely remove deceased animals from your property.

No matter what's plaguing your property, we'll get rid of it

Looking for someone who offers wildcat or armadillo removal? Whether you're dealing with one raccoon or a group of wild hogs, Georgetown Pest Control will get the job done. Count on us to remove or exclude...

Rats and mice
Feral hogs
Ring-tailed cats

Take advantage of our preventive program to make sure pests don't come back.

Schedule armadillo removal or wildlife removal services in Leander & Georgetown, TX or the surrounding area today. Don't forget to ask about our money-back guarantee!